Brenmor Unveils Artificial Intelligence to Deliver Real-Time Patient Comment Categorization
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May 6, 2019 – Brenmor is excited to announce the launch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that allows patient comments to be categorized more efficiently.  As email and SMS survey methodologies bring patient feedback closer to office visit, the ability to analyze free-text comments in real-time becomes critical.  AI allows Brenmor to determine if a comment is positive or negative, it’s topic/category (i.e. wait time, doctor, staff, etc.) as well as patient feedback that needs to be immediately escalated to the practice administrator for intervention.  To learn more please visit to read Brenmor’s story on Microsoft ML.NET Showcase.

Reach out to our Chief Experience Officer, Brad Pancratz at, for a full demo of Brenmor’s Patient Experience Analytics Portal (PEAP).

Brad Pancratz

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