Brenmor Releases Patient Experience Analytics Portal (PEAP) v1.3
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Brenmor Technologies, a leader in patient experience research and analytics, today announced the release of Patient Experience Analytics Portal v1.3. This release of Brenmor’s comprehensive Patient Experience solution to both Medical Groups and Health Plan Providers provides a re-engineered desktop and mobile experience for patient surveys. Completely redesigned, v.1.3 reduces patient input and navigation by as much as 50%, as well as provides a faster, simplified, and easier to navigate interface during a survey encounter.

“Brenmor continues its commitment to both providers and patients by delivering a survey-experience that is welcoming, brief, and easily understood,” says Paul Carver, Chief Technology Officer. “The dramatic reduction in user input and navigation will increase response rates across all of our digital survey channels.”

Improving the patients’ experience is an ongoing challenge faced by every health care organization. The ability to easily access the right data and disseminate it to the right people allows organizations to move the needle by zeroing in on the things that matter. With PEAP, Brenmor delivers the analytics that will allow organizations to maximize the value of their survey efforts. For a complete tour of PEAP’s capabilities, please contact Brad Pancratz at 719.226.9883 or

Brad Pancratz

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