Patient Satisfaction or Patient Experience – Is There a Difference?

Patient experience and patient satisfaction are now healthcare terms that are too often used interchangeably. Patient satisfaction and patient experience are different. While the differences may be subtle, they are important to understand as we strive to deliver patient-centered care.

Improve Health Plan Member Experience through Provider Network Engagement

Health plans, generally speaking, are J.D. Power’s second worst ranking industry sector for customer satisfaction, slightly ahead of public utilities. This is especially troubling for health plans offering Medicare Advantage plans given that Quality Bonus Payments (QBP) are tied directly to their STAR Ratings.

Improving Medicare Advantage Star Ratings Requires An Intentional Strategy

Since 2008, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has published annual performance ratings for Medicare Advantage (MA) only, prescription drug plan (PDP), and MA and Medicare Part D (MA-PD) contracts, better known as Star Ratings.