Improve Quality of Care and Patient Experience

Brenmor creates solutions that support seamless health plan to member and group to patient interactions that enable you to quickly improve quality of care and patient experience. We are in the forefront of the industry – deploying innovative technologies that integrate sophisticated survey modalities, a robust cloud-based client portal for survey management and reporting, and EHR integrations into a custom solution designed for the needs of the medical group and health plan industries.

Medical Group Solutions

Medical Group Solutions
Patient Experience

Brenmor partners with medical groups seeking to monitor and improve the patient experience and implement process and service delivery improvements that will optimize both the clinical and financial success of their practice.

Health Plan Solutions

Health Plan Solutions
Quality of Care

The survey process used by Brenmor was designed by health plans and physician networks, and provide proven insights to improve the quality of care members receive.

Multi-Channel Distribution

Multi-Mode Distribution

increased Response and Conversion rates

Effectively utilizing different modes of communication is key to engaging patients and members.  Millennials prefer SMS, generation X prefer SMS or Email, while seniors prefer Email or Telephone .  Brenmor utilizes Email, SMS, and Telephonic channels to maximize engagement and increase response and conversion rates.

access to Real Time Insights

Analytic Platform
Line of Sight

Line of Sight

Engage unlimited users through permission based access to survey data at the group, administrator, or provider level


Reporting and Analytics

Build custom dashboards and reports to monitor geographical performance, provider performance, and track quality initiatives

API Integrations

EHR and Third Party Integrations

Deploy secure data exchange to reduce administrative overhead and improve the timeliness of survey interactions with your patients and members.