January 19, 2018   Brenmor is very pleased to announce the acquisition of the Patient Experience Partnership survey division from the Advisory Board Company.  Negotiations were finalized late in Q4 2016 and a 6-month migration period began in January 2017.  The primary goal was a seamless transition for all of the Advisory Board’s existing survey members.  This transfer of knowledge focused heavily on the client service aspects relating to the unique needs and nuances of each of the individual Advisory Board survey members and developing relationships with the key stakeholders at each of these organizations.  Jeff Morgan, President and CEO of Brenmor, commented, “This acquisition felt very natural because we have been supporting this survey offering through IT services and development work since it’s inception.  We are very pleased that all of the Advisory Board survey members have elected to remain with Brenmor following the acquisition.”


Brenmor Survey Background

In 2005, Brenmor contracted with PivotHealth (Brentwood, TN) to provide IT services related to their Patient Experience survey division.  Brenmor worked intimately with the PivotHealth team, which was led by Brad Pancratz, to develop a variety of proprietary surveys that were utilized to measure and monitor the patient experience as a component of their long-term interim management work within multi-specialty medical groups.  It was imperative to PivotHealth that the survey protocol delivered results that were statistically reliable and defendable when associated with Provider compensation.

In July of 2011, PivotHealth was acquired by the Advisory Board Company.  Brenmor worked closely with the Advisory Board Company to gain NCQA vendor certification, develop and implement the processes to field CAHPS surveys and associated reporting modules to supplement The Advisory Board Company’s survey offerings.  Simultaneously, Brenmor developed and integrated a sophisticated real-time online client portal providing members deep access to both their current and historical results and multiple ways to easily disseminate that information.  Over the lifespan of these relationships Brenmor has processed over 3.8 million Patient Experience surveys for The Advisory Board Company.


Our Vision

Brenmor places great value on the day to day management of our client’s survey activity.  Accurate, reliable and timely data is the center of our business.  Our best in class client services team delivers dedicated support to limit the administrative overhead required by our client’s to field their surveys and interpret their results.  They utilize time tested quality processes to ensure that every client has timely access to reliable and actionable survey results.  Since the acquisition, these processes have been reviewed and further refined with our end users in mind.   Additionally, SMS text survey modality has been added to compliment email survey protocols or as a stand alone survey option which has been well received by patients resulting in increased response rates.  Brenmor will be releasing a new real-time online results portal that retains all of the robust data access our clients are accustomed to with simplified functionality.  More to come!

If you would like to learn more about Brenmor’s survey offerings and the best approach to monitoring and improving your patient’s experience, please contact Brad Pancratz at 719.360.0410 or  mailto:bpancratz@brenmor.com.