Brenmor announced the release of their enhanced Patient Experience Analytics Portal (PEAP) on March 30, 2018.  The full-feature survey results portal empowers healthcare executives, administrators and providers with real-time patient experience data as well as access to historical performance data to identify trends and strategic opportunities driving informed operational improvement decisions.

The PEAP dashboard monitors key performance indicators, stratifies results demographically and identifies root cause through customized ranking capabilities to the provider level.  PEAP’s reporting component allows the creation of custom reports by virtually any data point and aggregation features allowing users to roll up their reports by any date range.  This self-serve reporting functionality enables our clients to quickly analyze survey results by Provider, Location, Age, Gender, Insurance Type or any other variable.

Paul Carver, Chief Technology Officer at Brenmor, stated, “PEAP is designed to provide our clients with complete and detailed access to all of their survey results in an intuitive and user-friendly manner.  In addition, PEAP serves as a distribution platform that simplifies the task of managing line-of-sight as it relates to data access, across the community of users.”  Some of the key functionality includes:

Real-Time – Immediate access to your patients’ survey results and feedback for all email, SMS and telephonic surveys

Line of Site – Unlimited users may be set up with access to all survey results, or restricted down to the individual provider level

Trending – Dashboard views can be customized to compare results over various time frames to monitor trends in improvement initiatives

Custom Reports – Custom report engine allows users to easily design reports utilizing any variables within their data.  Custom report templates can be saved for future use with a single click

Push Reports – Report templates can be scheduled and automatically generated and distributed via email at any interval desired

Comments – Patient comments can be displayed, filtered and easily analyzed with intelligent key word search functions

Improving the patients’ experience is an ongoing challenge faced by every health care organization.  The ability to easily access the right data and disseminate it to the right people allows organizations to move the needle by zeroing in on the things that matter.  With PEAP, Brenmor delivers the analytics that will allow organizations to maximize the value of their survey efforts.  For a complete tour of PEAP’s capabilities, please contact Brad Pancratz at 719.226.9883 or